The Bridge 90.9 series – Making the Band

If you’ve been here before, you might notice a new menu item called About the Home Studio. This came about because my friend Michelle Bacon (drums for Chris Meck & the Guilty Birds, bass for The Philistines), who works for The Bridge, has been doing a series of informational articles called Making the Band. This week’s installation is about recording your band’s demos as part of the process of putting together a successful music project.

Michelle asked me for comments from the perspective of a home studio owner who takes on outside projects, and I was happy to oblige. As usual, I got into it and wrote far more than she could use. Also as usual, I hate to waste anything, so I’m posting my comments in full on that page, because I think potential clients might like to know how I view the recording process. In any case, Michelle’s article is a good read, with lots of insights from some of the best engineers, producers, and studios in Kansas City.