Here are a few selected tracks from recordings I have done. You can hear some of these same tracks as uncompressed AIFF files at my Soundcloud account.

I have some really cool projects I want to put on here, but can’t post them until they are released. Please check back!

This track was written and recorded for a sports podcast (I’ll try to find a link to it). This is one of three Deco Auto songs recorded over this last summer and none are publicly available yet, so this is sort of an exclusive.
Produced by Steven Garcia and Pat Tomek. Recorded and mixed at Largely Studios by Pat Tomek, summer 2016.
Written by Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia – guitars and vocals
Tracy Flowers – bass and vocals
Pat Tomek – drums

A song from a double CD released August 2015, Kansas City Songs Vol. 1 & 2. Howard enlisted an all-star band from the local folk scene, including two former members of The Wilders, Betse Ellis and Phil Wade. I had started some of tracks here, but Phil recorded the lion’s share of the 26 songs at his home studio. I finished a few things here and there and mixed the album (and did the cover art).
Produced by Howard Iceberg. Recorded by Phil Wade at Alluvial Fan Studio, mixed at Largely Studios by Pat Tomek, winter-summer 2016.
Written by Howard Iceberg
Howard Iceberg – vocals and guitar
Chad Rex – guitar and vocals
Clarke Wyatt – organ
Chad Brothers – guitar

A track from Jeff Porter’s solo album, recorded last year though it might not have been released until last spring.
Produced by Jeff Porter, Mark Shoffner, and Pat Tomek. Recorded and mixed at Largely Studios by Pat Tomek, spring-fall 2015. Additional mixing by Mark Shoffner and Pat Tomek at Mark’s.
Written by Jeff Porter
Jeff Porter – vocals, guitars, keys
Norm Dahlor – bass
Sascha Groschang – cello
Kian Byrne – drums

A track from our 2014 album, Monster Movie.
Produced by the Rainmakers. Recorded at Largely Studios by Pat Tomek, mixed by Bob Walkenhorst at Bob’s, January-February 2014.
Music by Bob Walkenhorst, lyrics by Bob Walkenhorst and Pat Tomek
Bob Walkenhorst – vocals, guitars
Jeff Porter – vocals, guitars
Rich Ruth – vocals, bass
Pat Tomek – drums

My friend Jonathan Rundman, who lives in the Twin Cities area, asked me to play drums for a track he was working on. He sent a scratch guitar/vocal and a click track for me to play to. I recorded several different approaches to the drum track and sent it back to him. It was released as a digital single in May 2013 and is available for purchase from BandCamp.
Produced and recorded by Jonathan Rundman at Oak Street Hill, Ishpeming, MI and Verkstad Studio, Edina, MN. Drums recorded by Pat Tomek in Kansas City, MO. Mixed by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio, Minneapolis, MN.
Written by Jonathan Rundman
Jonathan Rundman – Casio keyboard and drums, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass, synthesizer, tambourine, vocals
Pat Tomek – drums

I’ve done some studio work and played a few gigs with the lovely Tummons sisters, Emily and Beth. After our gigs were done, I wanted to document a little bit of what the live band had done, so we demoed two songs. This is an old Everley Brothers song.
Recorded and mixed by Pat Tomek at Largely Studios, December 2010
Emily Tummons – vocals, guitar, glockenspiel
Beth Tummons – vocals
Josh Arnold – bass
Pat Tomek – drums

A few months ago I went through some DAT tapes (remember them?) from the early ’90s, and rediscovered some live recordings back when I played with Kelley Hunt, a legendary R&B artist from Lawrence, KS. It was a New Year’s Eve gig at Liberty Hall in Lawrence. Mike Finnigan, who has played with everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Crosby, Stills & Nash to Etta James to Bonnie Raitt, was also on the bill with his band. He produced Kelley’s first album and had previously done some gigs with us, so it was great to get to play with him again.
Recorded live at Liberty Hall. Mixed by Steve Phillips and Pat Tomek at Big Time Studios 1994. Remastered by Pat Tomek June 2013.
Written by Kelley Hunt
Kelley Hunt – vocals, piano
Mike Finnigan – vocals, organ
Dan Bliss – guitar, vocals
Al Berman – bass
Pat Tomek – drums

A couple of years ago Jonathan Rundman asked me to mix some tracks he had recorded a while back, under less than ideal circumstances. I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out. Mixed October–November 2010 and included in the retrospective album Jonathan Rundman. 

Mixed by Pat Tomek at Largely Studios. Not quite sure where it was recorded.
Written by Jonathan Rundman
Jonathan Rundman – Wurlitzer piano, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, synth bass, vocals
Heatherlyn Hamilton-Chronis – vocals
Lowell Michelson – drums
Sara J.S. Mize – flute
Pat Tomek – percussion