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Victor & Penny – So Nice

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I got a chance to work with some old friends a couple years ago. They did the soundtrack for this video at my studio, and I just ran into it on YouTube again. If you haven’t seen Victor & Penny before, be sure and check them out. They tour a lot and just might be coming to your town. I’m going to add a video section to the site soon, but in the meantime I’ll just leave this here.

Some changes, finally

After several years of neglect, I am starting to make my site up to date. In the tradition of plumbers who have leaky faucets at home, I’ve been busy on other people’s sites.

You may see some strange, dumb, odd, appealing or otherwise design versions coming up, as I try some different things. Soon (well, I hope soon), you’ll see an attractive site that translates well to different platforms, which will quickly tell you whatever you need to know about my work.

Just For Now…

by patt

For samples of some fairly recent work I’ve done, go to the Listen page on my personal site. I will get stuff transferred over here and better organized soon. But I’d hate for you to come here and leave empty-handed.

Revised Site

by patt

Hi–thanks for stopping by. For the last five years (actually more), I’ve been too busy working to update my portfolio site. Believe me, I’m not complaining.

But in the last year or so, the emphasis of my work has changed from web design and interactive media to music recording and live performance. Again, I’m not complaining!

While I don’t plan on advertising any time soon, I do think it’s important that it’s easier for people to get familiar with my work than it has been. Not to mention that the last version of my site appeared to date to the Middle Ages.

I’ll be busy updating for a while, and I really plan to keep current now. Please check back. I hope you’ll like what you see and hear.