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Bands I’ve been in

There’s a meme going around Facebook right now, in which musicians list the bands they’ve played in. Sounds like a fun little game, and this is a better format for long posts than FB.

There are bands I can’t remember and bands that only existed for one or a few gigs, and no doubt I’ve forgotten plenty. But these should be the high points, anyway.

…A couple of unnamed high school bands in Wichita…


Phineas – a college band, a mix of originals and covers

Rollin’ Thunder – college cover band

Barrelhouse – a cover band while in grad school. I think we did most of the first Sons of Champlin album, as well as some jazzier stuff

Airborne – my first full-time band. Covers, playing all over the midwest, usually five nights a week, four hours a night. That’s where I learned to play.

Street Talk – another Top 40 type band from Lawrence, playing all over

Kansas City

Gary Apple Band – I moved to KC to play in the touring band to support his Mercury/Monument album

The Secrets* – most of the Apple band, doing Brent Hoad’s material. Lots of demos, six songs for the fabled Titan Records label, one album on a small British label

The Tools – cover band

Think Pink – a sort of “MTV” cover band

4 Sknns – covers from the ‘60s and ‘70s

The Moootown Sound – blues/R&B originals

The Rainmakers – three worldwide releases on Mercury/PolyGram; broke up, reformed and self-produced a couple more albums; broke up, reformed, have done three more since 2011

Everyday People – covers, with Gary & Richard from the 4 Sknns and my girlfriend at the time, Sharon Ward

Kelley Hunt Band – originals, blues/gospel/rock

The Bomb Pops – originals and covers

The Stringers – rockabilly-ish originals and covers (with Jim Stringer on guitar!)

Mad Libby – originals, the first version of the band, back around 2005

Issues – classic rock covers

Hidden Pictures – originals, kind of folk-pop maybe

Howard Iceberg & the Titanics – originals, alt-country or rock or pop

Current projects (not counting engineering-only):

The Rainmakers – originals

Deco Auto – power pop originals

Howard Iceberg – originals (almost all recording these days)

Broken Heart Syndrome – originals (first gig next week!)

Elton Dan or Heatwave – Elton John and Linda Ronstadt tribute (1st gig next week!)

Nan and the One Nite Stands – originals, a mix of rap and indie rock (with dancers!)

Birdie – originals (mostly recording)

A Beatles tribute sometimes called Apple Scruffs (gigs in April)

Video from Thanksgiving weekend

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Our friend Eddie Christiansen was in town from Oslo over Thanksgiving. He shot and edited some video from the first night of our weekend early shows at the recordBar. Thanks, Eddie!

Don’t forget, the Rainmakers will be at Knucklehead’s this Friday, the night before NYE. Chris Meck and the Guilty Birds open.

Birdie at Davey’s Uptown

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Tonight I’m playing at Davey’s Uptown with Birdie, a project featuring the songs of Betsy Schwartze, which were recorded here in my studio. The recording band stuck together to learn how to play these songs live for this show: besides Betsy – vocals & ukulele, Gary Paredes (Potter’s Field, Howard Iceberg & the Titanics) – guitar & vocals, Marc Bollinger (the Electric Lungs) – bass, and Anne Behrens – vocals & percussion. Oh, and me.

Headlining the show is Erica McKenzie, whom I understand you may be able to catch on The Voice one of these days, and also Not Sisters. 8 pm at Davey’s–be there!

The Bridge 90.9 series – Making the Band

If you’ve been here before, you might notice a new menu item called About the Home Studio. This came about because my friend Michelle Bacon (drums for Chris Meck & the Guilty Birds, bass for The Philistines), who works for The Bridge, has been doing a series of informational articles called Making the Band. This week’s installation is about recording your band’s demos as part of the process of putting together a successful music project.

Michelle asked me for comments from the perspective of a home studio owner who takes on outside projects, and I was happy to oblige. As usual, I got into it and wrote far more than she could use. Also as usual, I hate to waste anything, so I’m posting my comments in full on that page, because I think potential clients might like to know how I view the recording process. In any case, Michelle’s article is a good read, with lots of insights from some of the best engineers, producers, and studios in Kansas City.

Victor & Penny – So Nice

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I got a chance to work with some old friends a couple years ago. They did the soundtrack for this video at my studio, and I just ran into it on YouTube again. If you haven’t seen Victor & Penny before, be sure and check them out. They tour a lot and just might be coming to your town. I’m going to add a video section to the site soon, but in the meantime I’ll just leave this here.

Some changes, finally

After several years of neglect, I am starting to make my site up to date. In the tradition of plumbers who have leaky faucets at home, I’ve been busy on other people’s sites.

You may see some strange, dumb, odd, appealing or otherwise design versions coming up, as I try some different things. Soon (well, I hope soon), you’ll see an attractive site that translates well to different platforms, which will quickly tell you whatever you need to know about my work.