I first started recording professionally in 1978, and I’ve done it as often as I could ever since.

This is a partial list, reconstructed from memory. I’ve tried to limit this list to what amounts to public releases, though of course I’ve also done lots of demos for people, both as a drummer and as engineer, fairly often as both. I’ll fill in details and correct errors as I find them. It’s going to take a while.

Artist Title Label Type Date Role
Secrets* “It’s Your Heart Tonight” b/w “Get Your Radio” Titan Records 7” single 1979 drums

My first pro recording experience, October 1978 at Chapman Recorders.

Secrets* “Uniform” Taft Broadcasting 12″ LP 1980 drums

Lead cut on the KY102-FM local band compilation, Homegrown.

Secrets* The Secrets* Quality Records (Canada) 12” LP 1982 drums

We were signed to UK label Why-Fi, to be distributed by RCA. The album was produced by Greg Penny and Stan Lynch (Heartbreakers drummer), recorded Nov-Dec 1981 at Westlake Audio in Hollywood. Before it could be released, RCA dropped Why-Fi and the record floated in limbo until it was eventually released by Quality. I was out of the band by that point.

Secrets* (six songs recorded for Titan on compilation) Numero Group 2-CD box set
2-LP box set

Titan Records’ releases became sought out by collectors over the years—somebody told me the first Secrets* 45 was selling for $300, and I wished I knew where mine was. Eventually the whole catalog was re-released by Numero Group in a box set. It’s a nice package, and if you’re a power pop fan you probably want it.

The Moootown Sound Anthology self-released CD 1979 drums

A collection of mostly 4-track recordings done in the mid-’80s, guided by the unique sensibility of Mike Smith. All original material that could be called a combination of Kansas City blues, Elvis Costello, Frank Zappa, and a healthy dose of humor.

4 Sknns Circumvention self-released 2-CD set 2009 drums, layout

A popular bar band I played with for many years. Along with a reunion show, we put together this compilation of various tracks: a live album recorded at Parody Hall in 1984, an episode of KCUR’s City Spark program  including interviews and live tracks from Blayney’s (1985), and studio tracks from 1988 (not including me) recorded at Chapman Recorders.

Rainmakers The Rainmakers Mercury/PolyGram worldwide release 12″ LP
1986 drums

Produced and engineered by Terry Manning, recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis TN.

Rainmakers Tornado Mercury/PolyGram worldwide release 12″ LP
1987 drums

Again, produced and engineered by Terry Manning, recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis TN.

Rainmakers The Good News and the Bad News Mercury/PolyGram worldwide release 12″ LP
1989 drums

Produced by Jeff Glixman at Cherokee Sound in LA and at Studio D, Austin TX.

Rainmakers Oslo/Wichita Live PolyGram Norway CD 1990 drums

Produced by the Rainmakers, combining two live shows, one in Oslo, Norway and the other in Wichita, KS.

Rainmakers Best of… PolyGram Norway CD 1993 drums

Although the band broke up in 1990, there was still enough demand in Norway for a compilation.

Rainmakers Flirting With the Universe PolyGram Norway
PolyGram Canada
CD 1994 drums, layout

The band decided to reunite on a part-time basis, “as long as it’s fun.” Produced by the Rainmakers at Big Time Studios. This my one and only Gold CD, from Norway.

Rainmakers Skin PolyGram Norway
V&R Records (US)
CD 1996
drums, lyrics on “Hunger Moon,” layout

Produced by the Rainmakers at Big Time. A concept album about pornography that seems even more relevant today.

Rainmakers 25 On Big Dipper (Norway)/Bat Records CD
2011 drums, engineer

Produced by the Rainmakers, I engineered the basic tracks at Largely Studios; overdubs and mix by Bob Walkenhorst. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the band.

Rainmakers Monster Movie Bat Records CD
2014 drums, co-wrote lyrics on “Who’s At the Wheel,” engineer

Produced by the Rainmakers. I tracked the sessions at Largely Studios, Bob mixed. Quite possibly our best album.

Rainmakers Cover Band Bat Records CD 2015 drums, engineer

Produced by the Rainmakers, tracking engineered by me at Largely, mixed by Bob. After all these albums of originals, it was fun to cut loose on some re-imagined covers

Howard Iceberg
& the Titanics
Doo Lang Doo Lang One World Records cassette 1990 drum programming

While I was on tour, I programmed the drums for “Goin’ Down in Blue Flames” on a TR-707. Howard’s engineer put that to tape, and I started working with Howard a year or two later.

Howard Iceberg
& the Titanics
John the Baptist and
Sanders the Colonel
One World Records CD 1992 tracking, mixing,
electronic drums

Recorded at Howard’s house in an all wood and glass room with a tiny rug underneath the vocal mic, basically done with two SM-57s and MIDI tracks (I didn’t have the mics to do live drums) on a TASCAM 8-track. It still sounds surprisingly good, and of course the songs are great.

Howard Iceberg
& the Titanics
Sink Slowly in the West One World Records cassette 1993 tracking, mixing

Done in a hurry at the original Largely Studios; I don’t really remember much about it, except for mixing from ADAT to a 2-track analog tape.

Howard Iceberg
& the Titanics
Short Songs For Temporary People One World Records CD 1996 tracking, mixing,
electronic drums, layout

Recorded at Largely. I had moved up to a 2-ADAT system by this point.

Howard Iceberg
& the Titanics
Hindu Equations One World Records CD 1999 tracking, mixing, layout

Recorded at Howard’s studio underneath his law office. I think it took two years to finish, and I stopped recording for a while after that.

Howard Iceberg
& the Titanics
Welcome Aboard! Vols. 1–7 self-released 7-CD box set 2011 drums, percussion,
tracking, mixing, mastering

Around 2003, Howard approached me about mixing an album of material he had recorded with other engineers. He paid for a very basic Pro Tools system for me, and I worked it off over the next couple years. That album was never released. Instead, Howard decided to just write and record, making CD copies for anyone wanted to hear his songs. He finally decided to release 106 of those tracks in a 7-CD set. I have recorded something like 600 songs for him.

Howard Iceberg
& the Titanics
Smooth Sailing self-released CD 2015 drums, percussion,
tracking, mixing, mastering, layout

This is an album of more rock-oriented songs, mostly performed by Howard’s live band.

Howard Iceberg
& the Titanics
Kansas City Songs, Vol. 1–2 self-released CD 2016 drums, percussion,
tracking, mixing, mastering, layout

This album is more folk-oriented songs, mostly performed by people who play with the Rural Grit collective. Some vocals and guitars, going back 10 years, were recorded by me, but most of the tracking was done by Phil Wade (of The Wilders) in his studio. I got his tracks back and mixed them with additional overdubs.

Howard Iceberg
& the Titanics
Netherlands self-released CD 2018 tracking, mixing, mastering, layout

This album was recorded with some of KC’s leading jazz musicians. Most basic tracks were recorded at Rich Hill’s studio, though I engineered most of them to allow Rich to play undistracted. Most overdubs, including nearly all the vocals, were done at my studio.

Cave Girls Cave Girls self-released CD EP 2011 tracking, mixing, mastering

I saw this band and loved their raw energy and sense of fun. We had a lot of fun recording this project.

Deco Auto Past Mistakes and Hauntings self-released CD EP 2012 tracking, mixing, mastering

Another local band I saw and wanted to work with. I’ve been a fan of power pop since The Secrets, so it came naturally.

Deco Auto The Curse of Deco Auto self-released CD +
2015 drums, percussion,
tracking, mixing, mastering, layout

I enjoyed hanging out with the band when we recorded their EP, so when their drummer left I volunteered for the job, and eventually recorded this full-length project.

David George Here I Go Again self-released CD +
2017 tracking, mixing

This is the first of three EPs I recorded with David George over the last year and a half. Originally we were going to do a 12- or 13-track album, but for various reasons wound up releasing the songs on EPs, each with a different slant. This first one was acoustic, and nearly all just David and Erik Voeks. Mastered by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures Soundlabs.

David George Won’t Let Go self-released CD +
2017 drums, tracking, mixing

The second of three EPs I recorded with David George last year. This one was full band, and most songs featured Mike Stover on pedal steel. Mastered by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures.

David George Lesson of Love self-released CD +
2018 drums, tracking, mixing

This EP was organized around horn arrangements, done by Bob Malone. Again, mastered by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures.

various artists Vi Hyller Müller as-yet unreleased live concert video DVD n/a mixing

I’ve mixed a number of projects sight unseen. I enjoy the process—it’s sort of like solving a puzzle. This one is worth mentioning because it was so large: eleven Norwegian bands playing a tribute concert to Marius Müller, a famous blues guitarist, at a club in Oslo. There was around five hours of music to mix, recorded under less than ideal conditions. It was a challenge, but the clients seemed happy with what I did.

There’s more, but these are the big chunks. I’ve done a lot of session work as a player, recorded lots of demos for singer/songwriters and local bands, mixed projects recorded elsewhere, and so forth. I’ve done a certain amount of graphics work at various times, so I’ve also done a number of CD layouts. If I think of anything else significant, I’ll add it here. If you can correct any mistakes you find, please let me know via the Contact form. Thanks!