Bands I’ve been in

There’s a meme going around Facebook right now, in which musicians list the bands they’ve played in. Sounds like a fun little game, and this is a better format for long posts than FB.

There are bands I can’t remember and bands that only existed for one or a few gigs, and no doubt I’ve forgotten plenty. But these should be the high points, anyway.

…A couple of unnamed high school bands in Wichita…


Phineas – a college band, a mix of originals and covers

Rollin’ Thunder – college cover band

Barrelhouse – a cover band while in grad school. I think we did most of the first Sons of Champlin album, as well as some jazzier stuff

Airborne – my first full-time band. Covers, playing all over the midwest, usually five nights a week, four hours a night. That’s where I learned to play.

Street Talk – another Top 40 type band from Lawrence, playing all over

Kansas City

Gary Apple Band – I moved to KC to play in the touring band to support his Mercury/Monument album

The Secrets* – most of the Apple band, doing Brent Hoad’s material. Lots of demos, six songs for the fabled Titan Records label, one album on a small British label

The Tools – cover band

Think Pink – a sort of “MTV” cover band

4 Sknns – covers from the ‘60s and ‘70s

The Moootown Sound – blues/R&B originals

The Rainmakers – three worldwide releases on Mercury/PolyGram; broke up, reformed and self-produced a couple more albums; broke up, reformed, have done three more since 2011

Everyday People – covers, with Gary & Richard from the 4 Sknns and my girlfriend at the time, Sharon Ward

Kelley Hunt Band – originals, blues/gospel/rock

The Bomb Pops – originals and covers

The Stringers – rockabilly-ish originals and covers (with Jim Stringer on guitar!)

Mad Libby – originals, the first version of the band, back around 2005

Issues – classic rock covers

Hidden Pictures – originals, kind of folk-pop maybe

Howard Iceberg & the Titanics – originals, alt-country or rock or pop

Current projects (not counting engineering-only):

The Rainmakers – originals

Deco Auto – power pop originals

Howard Iceberg – originals (almost all recording these days)

Broken Heart Syndrome – originals (first gig next week!)

Elton Dan or Heatwave – Elton John and Linda Ronstadt tribute (1st gig next week!)

Nan and the One Nite Stands – originals, a mix of rap and indie rock (with dancers!)

Birdie – originals (mostly recording)

A Beatles tribute sometimes called Apple Scruffs (gigs in April)